Reducing Distracted Driver Involvement in Deadly Car Crashes: A Symposium

As concerns spread about distracted driving, two organizations are championing reform. The American Automobile Association and the National Safety Council are leading the charge.

The N.S.C. held a symposium last October the fruits of which are available at their website :

The many avenues explored included legislative solutions, educational efforts, technological improvements and employer policies designed to discourage workday driving and cell phoning.

Much time was also devoted to the neuroscience behind why cell phone use while driving is so hazardous.

Even merely listening to cell phone chatter substantially degrades one's ability to pay heed to one's driving.

Neuro-scientists from the Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh have performed studies involving brain imaging and virtual reality and demonstrated unequivocally that danger lurks in driving cellphone use.

The materials employed at the symposium are available on the website and are well worth reading.
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