On Scooters and Crash Safety

Somehow the involvement of a prominent person tends to focus public attention on dangerous behaviors and products.
So Maryland football player, Pete DeSouza's two broken legs sustained in a scooter crash with a car on the University of Maryland campus has our attention.   http://www.maryland-law.com/blog/scooter-crash-knocks-maryland-player-out-of-action.cfm 

This is not to suggest that Mr. DeSouza was in any way at fault for this crash, in fact,far from it. However, the sudden prevalence of scooters all over campus had caught my attention before this recent tragedy. Particularly disturbing is the fact that it appears that the overwhelming majority of operators and even their passengers are not wearing helmets.

Maryland is a mandatory motorcycle helmet state and it seems inconceivable to me that this requirement would not extend to scooters. They also weigh essentially what an adult male weighs, 200 pounds or less and can go 30 miles per hour. It is inevitable that a campus filled with scooters and cars which weigh 20 times as much will come into contact and as we learned in Mr. DeSouza's case weighing over 300 pounds and being in top physical shape will not protect scooter operators.

My suggestion, prohibit the use of scooters on campus and in the City of College Park unless helmets are employed. It won't prevent broken legs, arms and other substantial personal injuries but it will serve to substantially reduce the risk of closed-head injuries leading to brain injury and death. It is the least an institution of higher learning can do to protect its sons and daughters.

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