In an unexpected development, Metro Bus operators have vowed to obey traffic laws, including speed limits. This stunning development was announced by Amalgamated Transit Workers Local 689 president, Jackie Lynn Jeter.

This safety campaign will undoubtedly be welcomed by the public. "What's that, it's not a safety campaign"? The actual purpose announced by Ms. Jeter was "to protect ourselves and our jobs." Okay, surely safety has to benefit even if it's not
the primary motivation.

In fairness to Ms. Jeter and her comrades, the performance expectations of Metro necessitate speeding to keep up with schedule demands. Which is to say, if  bus drivers don't speed they can't be on time in heavy city traffic and if they do speed and its a factor in a crash it is evidence of negligence.

Drivers can't win and that's not fair. So we at Clark and Steinhorn applaud Local 689 and Ms. Jeter and say better to be safe than sorry.
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