Robert V. Clark, Jr. of the Laurel, Maryland law firm, Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, will be making yet another appearance on Sirius XM Radio's Channel 141 on "the Legal Pad" with host, James E. McCollum, Jr. The next broadcasts will be Saturday, November 9th at 3:30pm and Monday, November 11th at 9am.

Messrs. Clark and McCollum discuss not only how to successfully pursue a medical malpractice or medical negligence claim in Maryland but also how to approach other areas of "professional negligence" including claims for legal malpractice.

Mr. Clark focuses on three recently concluded "professional negligence cases". They include a medical malpractice burn case in Prince George's County, a legal negligence case also in the Circuit Court for Prince George's County, Maryland and a truck crash case in the United States District Court for Maryland.

Each of these cases is illustrative of how the negligence of a licensed professional can result in serious injuries. Tune in to to hear more. 


Thanks for the information given in this page. The medical malpractice increases day by day. To protect the patients from it the law will protect us. Keep sharing these kind of informations in the upcoming pages.
by Charlie February 3, 2014 at 11:59 PM
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