The General Accounting Office identified fifteen for profit colleges that allegedly engaged in fraud and deceptive trade practices in the recruitment of students following an undercover investigation of for profit schools.  The investigation involved sending potential students to the school to experience the recruiting process.  The undercover investigation discovered numerous serious violations.  The investigation found some of the schools were falsely representing salaries for future graduates, and that all fifteen schools that were investigated committed deceptive practices during the recruitment process.

As we have reported on this blog in the past, at least one local for profit career school has been the subject of a lawsuit seeking class action certification by students who claim they were harmed by deceptive trade practices and fraudulent representations made by a barber school in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  The GAO investigation revealed similar findings in other for profit schools across the country.  The GAO report includes one beauty school in the District of Columbia, the Potomac College, that was also investigated and purportedly engaged in the same tactics.

The lawyers at Clark and Steinhorn are licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and have litigated cases in other state's courts with local counsel.

If you believe you have been victimized by deceptive trade practices or fraud committed by a private for profit college, or otherwise been harmed by wrongful practices of a for profit college, call the Law Offices of Clark and Steinhorn, LLC.
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